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How To Measure Love

Prize Chukwuka

True love involves sacrifice. There is no real love without sacrifice. This implies that love is sacrificial. I am not talking about the love of this world, but the love of God. There is no true love in the world. The love of God is the love that loves a person, in most cases an offender, into the kingdom of Christ. It is also the love that manifests Christ to the world. God’s love is concerned about what it gives than what it gets. Take God Himself for instance, in order to demonstrate his love, the Bible tells us, He gave us his most precious gift-our Lord Jesus Christ, (John 3:16). He delivered Him to die on our behalf (Rom 8:32).
So, how do we measure love? The way to measure love is revealed by Christ Himself. You measure love by the thing you sacrifice or forego for the sake of love. John 15:13, TLB.
When you say you love the Lord as a believer, then you are saying you are willing to forgo, contribute or sacrifice to ensure that the Gospel is preached the way it should. What role have you been playing to promote the kingdom of God here on earth? The word of God tells us not to love in words only, but indeed and in truth, 1 John 3:18.
This implies that true love goes beyond mere words. Let us stop just saying we love the Lord; let us really love Him, and show it by contributing to the growth of the Gospel and the Church.

If a person truly loves the lord they will go beyond just merely saying it. There will be a corresponding action to back up their confession. Your love for the Lord is measured by how much you give yourself for the spreading of the Gospel.

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