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Religious men and women and scripturally ignorant people say that Jesus died on “Good Friday” and rose on “Easter Sunday.” Could this be true? While I am not here to attack anyone’s beliefs per-see, everybody is free to believe whatever they want to believe. Nevertheless, I must restate the importance of understanding that the word of God is the final authority. Everyone who seeks the truth can look to the word of God (the Bible) and be made free from Satan’s deceptive lies. Jesus declared;
“…and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32
If you are a lover and seeker of truth then this teaching is for you. It is for right thinking people, for men and women who walk beyond the corridors of the traditions of men and the religious philosophies of sense ruled men. As you read along take special not of the scripture passages outlined here. The truths presented here will thrill your heart.
The crucifixion of Jesus took place on the day of preparation for the Jewish special Sabbath (not their usual Saturday Sabbath), John 19:31. This special Sabbath was not the regular Jewish Sabbath of Saturday, which always began from 6 pm on Friday and ran until 6 pm the next evening. That is, from sundown to sundown. According to Jewish time a new day begins from 6pm (evening time) and ends by 6 pm the next evening. The Jews and the Romans applied different rules for reckoning the hours of the day, even though both systems divide the day into two equal periods of 12 hours. A new day for the Romans began at midnight (i.e. 12 midnight, as it is for us today), whereas a new day for the Jews began in the evening 6 pm.
The high day was a special Sabbath day commemorating the feast of Unleavened Bread. That high day was a Thursday (34 AD), and the day of preparation before that Thursday was a Wednesday (i.e. the day before the feast of unleavened bread). That Wednesday was a Passover day, which was a day before the day of Unleavened Bread, which took place on the 14th day of the first Month (Abib, or also known as Nisan) of the Jewish religious calendar (See Leviticus 23: 4-7).  
Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday (the Passover day) and He died by 3pm (i.e. the Ninth hour), Matthew 27:45, 46; John 19:42.
Jesus Burial and Resurrection
The burial of Jesus took place before it was 6pm on the same Wednesday of His crucifixion. The Jewish authorities had to ensure He was buried before 6 pm because their special Sabbath was to begin by 6 pm that same evening (which was the beginning of a new day according to the Jewish standard of time and the beginning of their special Sabbath). The Jewish special Sabbath for that year was to begin by 6 pm that same Wednesday evening and would end by 6 pm (evening) of the next day. The next day which was a Thursday was their day of Unleavened Bread.
Paul called Jesus our Passover Lamb (1 Corinthians 5:7) because He was crucified and died on the Passover day, which was Wednesday of 34AD. This was the day before the day of Unleavened Bread of that year. Also, Jesus body was hurriedly brought down from the cross before 6pm of that Wednesday because if the Jewish religious authorities had allowed the body to remain on the cross, they would have desecrated their special Sabbath which was to commence by 6pm that evening. According to the Law of Moses, bodies were not allowed to hang all night on a cross, (Deuteronomy 21:22, 23).
Jesus Christ was dead for three full days and three full nights. The Hebrew idiom “three days” can be used for any part of three days, but when the word “night” is included in the terminology, then the term can only mean three complete literal days and three literal nights, (see Jonah 1:17).
According to Jesus Himself, the only sign which he gave to prove His Messiahship was the sign of the prophet Jonah, Matthew 12: 40. He gave this proof in reference to His death and resurrection. Notice how He specified it, He said, “three days and three nights.”  He meant three full days and three full nights. This was how long Jonah himself stayed in the belly of the whale. Our Lord was put in the grave on Wednesday by sundown, just before 6pm and He resurrected at the sundown of Saturday, just before it was 6pm, at the same exact time He was buried. He completed three full days and three full nights according to what He said in Matthew 12:40.

When Sunday morning (day break) came Jesus had already risen. The resurrection having taken place at sundown of the day before, that is, on Saturday sundown just by 6pm. Counting back three days and three nights would bring us to Wednesday Sundown. Someone asked? “Would this make three days and three nights?”  Yes!

If you were to count it, Wednesday night, Thursday night, and Friday night-three nights. Likewise, Thursday, Friday, Saturday- making three days. This would make a total of exactly three days and three nights or complete 72 hours. 
The Good Friday Concept a Religious Hoax
There is no such thing as “Good Friday” in the Christian faith. This concept is totally based on deception. As far as Christianity is concerned “Good Friday” is a religious hoax. Its main aim was to introduce pagan beliefs into the Church world. But Satan is a liar, he has failed. Only those who are scripturally ignorant get swayed by his deceptive craftiness. I’ll talk more on this “Good Friday Hoax” in another post.
Jesus resurrected at the end of the Jewish Sabbath day celebration. This signified that the resurrection of Christ brought the Jewish Sabbath to an end; see Matthew 28:1-10.

Prize Chukwuka 

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