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Get Rid of That Beggarly Mentality, and Live Up to Your Redemptive Rights

Nobody is interested in a venture that yields no result. Some may pretend to be concerned, but the truth is that they are actually interested in results. Until they start seeing results,the story doesn't really appeal to them. Instead they want to hear the results you've produced. We live in a world where people are result motivated. We live in a performance oriented world,where performance is measured in terms of results produced.
You see, people will always take advantage of you if they have something to offer you and you have none to offer them. But when you have what they need they will need you. Stop waiting for man. Notice what the impotent man said at the pool of Bethesda,he said, "I have no man to help me" (the emphasis are mine), John 5:6,7. He was waiting for man. Stop waiting for some sort of special water to move before you make your move. Stop waiting for a special angelic manifestation,stop looking for holy water or olive oil to apply before you believe or move. Rather walk by faith in the word of God. The word of God when believed, spoken or acted upon has inherent power to make good what it promises. Don't be at man's mercy. God never made a failure,so never count yourself as one. Its time to make a change. Don't be afraid to launch out. Its time to make a move of faith. Stop seeking the sympathy of people. Don't act like Moses did. When the children of Israel came out of Egypt,they needed to pass through Edom on their way to Canaan (the promised land). Moses sent messengers to the King of Edom begging him to please let them pass through their land. He went ahead to list all the things they had suffered while they were in Egypt. He was seeking sympathy. He just went ahead rehearsing all the hardship they had suffered and finally how God intervened and delivered them from slavery after they had cried unto him-Num 20:14-17. But Moses story did not move the king of Edom. He rejected their request and even threatened to destroy them. The children of Israel even promised to pay back for any damages they might cause Edom. Yet the King of Edom refused to allow them pass through his land-Num 20:18-21.
You see, a begging mentality is never a factor for success. As long as you keep on rehearsing all the hardships and difficulties you've been through, it will be difficult for you to walk by faith and produce success. As long as you keep talking to attract sympathy to yourself, that's all you'll get, just sympathy. People want to know the success that you have produced. Nobody is interested in hardship or suffering. Everybody wants and is interested in success. So tell them about the success or marvelous things the Lord is doing in your life. Stop seeking peoples sympathy. Refuse to be a sympathy seeker. Stop hosting sympathy parties. Stop looking to man for help. Kings don't beg.
You Are A King
Are you born again? I mean have you received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. If you have, then you are born again. As a believer in Christ, you are a priest and a king. Every believer is a king-priest.
"And has made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on earth." Rev 1:6; 5:10.
As kings we were made to reign on earth also,not just in heaven. Its an error for kings to beg. Kings don't beg, no matter the circumstance.
There's a difference between begging and being polite when asking. Kings can be polite but they never beg. As kings we need to know how to speak,and how to use our authority in Christ. Understand this, we don't beg for our rights and inheritance in Christ. God doesn't expect or want us to beg Him for anything. Most Christians out of ignorance of their rights or privileges in Christ beg God in their prayers. You hear them say, "Father please come and do this or that for me or for so and so...Father please, please!!! do something." This is not the way a Child of God should pray. God doesn't want you to beg him for anything. He doesn't want you to have a beggarly mentality.
There's a difference between making a request from God and begging Him. To make a request from God means to demand something from Him based on our redemptive rights. That is, you hold God by His word or promises and call them forth based on your rights in Christ. On the other hand, to beg Him means you are praying in ignorance, without the knowledge of your rights and privileges, below your redemptive rights in Christ. Its time to get rid of that beggarly mentality, and start living up to your redemptive rights in Christ.

Prize Chukwuka

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