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Never Negotiate With the Enemy

Take a look at this scripture, Numbers 21:23,24.
"And Sihon would not suffer Israel to pass through his boarder..." 

Sihon was the King of the Amorites. Israel had sent messangers to him asking him to allow them pass through their land. Rather than allow the Israelites to pass through his territory, Sihon gathered all his people together and staged a fight against Israel at a place called Jahaz, in the wilderness. Observe that this incident is similar to the encounter the Israelites had with the King of Edom (Num 20:14- 21) [see my post titled: Get Rid of That Beggarly Mentality, and Walk by Your Redemptive Rights]
Notice here that on this second occasion, Moses had learnt his lesson from his first encounter with the King of Edom.
In this episode against Sihon the King of the Amorites, he did not start negotiating with Sihon as he did with the King of Edom where he was pleading to be allowed to pass through their territory (Num 20:14-21).
Moses and the Children of Israel had to use force. They fought their way through. In such challenging cases, where the enemy tries to use circumstances and situations to keep you from enjoying your Christ bought privileges, spiritual force is necessary if you must exercise your dominion.
Matthew 11:12 says, "...and the violent take it by force."
As a believer in Christ, the ability or power of God already resides in you. But this power remains dormant until you exercise it. So stir up God's power within.
Notice, Moses told King Sihon, Let me pass". He didn't beg; and when the King came out for war, Moses was ready to fight for his right. He didn't back-down, or retreat in fear. He was battle ready. From this incident we learn that as Christians we are not to fear the threats of the enemy or negotiate with him. Instead we are to "fight the good fight of faith" (1Tim 6:12).

A Different Way of Fighting
Today, that is, under the New Covenant, we fight the good fight of faith (1Tim 6:12). We do not fight the way people under the Old Covenant fought. Our fight is not against Satan and demons. Under the Old Covenant people had more struggle with demons and evil spirits than we have under the New Covenant. This is because under the Old Covenant, there was no redemption yet because Jesus was not yet born and had not yet shed His blood then. At that time, Satan had Adamic authority and power which Adam had willfully transferred to him (Luke 4:6). Notice the statement "All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: FOR THAT IS DELIVERED UNTO ME...". Who delivered the power to Satan and when? It was Adam, during the fall in the garden of Eden (Gen 3:1-24)
However, under the New Covenant, Satan no longer has that power or authority that he once had under the Old Covenant, this is because he has been eternally defeated by Jesus in mortal combat, and stripped of all the power he once wielded over humanity. Jesus as the second Adam defeated Satan and all his evil forces completely, once and for all (Col 2:15). Those who are still struggling with evil spirits today, thinking they still have to defeat Satan personally, do so because of ignorance. They lack the understanding of the finished work of Christ. They are yet to come to a full recognition of all that Christ has accomplished on our behalf, so they're unable to walk in victory over evil spirits. 
Today the only fight Christians are called to fight is the fight of faith (1 Tim 6:12). The fight of faith is not a fight against Satan and demons. As a matter of truth, Satan and his demons are not our problem. They are not the problem at all. We are not trying to defeat Satan and demons. Jesus took care of the devil and his demons in His redemptive work. Satan and his demons have been eternally defeated already, broken and disgraced, praise the Lord!!!. Take a look again at the scriptural passage below;
"and having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly triumphing them in it" (Col 2:15).
The expanded Bible puts it this way, "God [or Christ; He] stripped the spiritual rulers and powers of their authority [disarmed/despoiled the rulers and authorities]. With the cross, He won the victory and showed the world that they were powerless [publicly shamed them; made a public spectacle of them; like a triumphant general displaying his captives in a victory parade]. 
Did you notice what it says, "Jesus showed the world that Satan and his demon spirits are powerless". 
To spoil someone means, "to render that person completely powerless and handicapped". This is what Jesus has done to the devil and his demons. Does this mean that the devil no longer devours people? Of course he still does. But he can do so only if you allow him by believing in his LIES and DECEPTIONS. This is what peter tells us in his epistle (1 Peter 5:8). Don't let anyone fool you with their religious teaching that arise from sense knowledge. Such teachings that promote or elevate Satan as though he were a superman, or teachings that give attention to Satan and his evil deeds. You see, some people like talking about what Satan has done or what Satan is doing in theirs and other peoples lives more than they talk about what Christ has done for them and is doing through the Holy Spirit and His word. Don't be like such folks. Many keep talking about and teaching on what and what needs to be done in order to defeat Satan and his demons. They are yet to see Satan and his demons as defeated creatures. Little wonder you keep hearing and seeing them organizing their so called "spiritual warfare prayers". This clearly shows they have never fully understood redemption viz a viz the fall and defeat of Satan and his Demon spirits. Stop trying to defeat the devil and his demons. There is no need for such. of course, Satan and demons still exist, and they are still at work in the lives of those who are ignorant of the truth, nevertheless, they have already been defeated creatures, just as the word of God has already pointed out. We are to regard them as defeated. We do not recognize the devil and his demons. If a person does not believe this then that person does not understand the new covenant, and that's the problem. If a christian today truly regard the devil and his demons as totally defeated by Christ, they wouldn't spend their precious prayer time attempting to fight or defeat the devil. 
All that the devil uses against people today are his lies which he uses to deceive, spread fear and torment people. Satan takes advantage of peoples lack of knowledge to trap them. lack of knowledge makes people believe Satan's lies, which in turn gives rise to fear. You see, we are not engaged in a direct fight against Satan and his demons so to speak, as you would physically fight man to man, against a petty thief who came to rob you along the street, no!!!
We are actually fighting against Satan's lies and lying vanities which he use to entrap people. The fight is the fight against all forms of ignorance and all forms of lies which the enemy uses to keep people in bondage. This fight is waged using the truth of God's word. We use the word of God to open peoples eyes to the truth, and make them renounce Satan and his activities (see Acts 26:17-18). Satan has no real power of his own over people. What he uses against people is the power of deception, his ability to twist the truth and use circumstances and situations which men allow or create to torment the ignorant. He exercises his false authority over those who out of ignorance worship him willingly, or those who are ignorant of Christ's redemptive work. Jesus never asked us (Christians) to fight Satan or demons. There's not a single scripture in the entire New Testament that instructs Christians to fight against the devil or demons in prayer, or through fasting and prayer. But today that's what we see most Church groups do, and they even go ahead trying to defend such error. We hear of certain Christian folks trying to pull down demonic forces from the skies, or heavenlies. Well if that's where they are, I would rather prefer to let them remain there than pull them down to where we are. What most people have done is to take certain passages in the New Testament that talk about wrestling and warfare out of context, and read a wrong meaning into them. Passages such as 2 Corinthians 10: 3-6; Ephesians 6: 12
If you think these passages are talking about fighting Satanic forces in prayer, then you've been misled. These scriptures have nothing to do with fighting satanic forces in prayer. I will come to this in another post.  
Lets face the truth, no where in the entire new testament epistles do we read of Christians gathering together in one place, a public building, Church meeting or at home, trying to pull down demonic forces from the heavenlies. So where did the Christians of today get all these funny religious ideas from? They got them from the devil himself. The devil uses such funny ideas to distract Christians from true prayer. Binding Satan and demons is not prayer. Most Christians think it is, but its not. I will not go into this teaching in this post. I really don't care who you are or what denomination you belong to. But let me give you a piece of Gospel advice; stop having time for the devil and his demons in your prayer meetings and personal prayers. Stop giving him and his demons recognition. I have walked with this revelation for more than fifteen years and the Lord has never failed me. I have witnessed great testimonies. But if you keep giving Satan and demons recognition in your life and in your prayers, they will increase in strength in your life. This is because whatever we give recognition will increase in strength. Giving Satan recognition is the problem many Christians are having today. Unknown to so many Christians today, Satan loves cheap recognition, and wherever he sees that he is recognized, there he will keep on visiting. Come to think of it, even we humans love to hang around people who give us attention and recognition. T. L Osborne once said, "the only knowledge of Satan which a Christian should have is the knowledge of his defeat". But today we see thousands of Christians all over the world giving heed to teaching about demons and how powerful they seem to be. And this is what the Holy Spirit said would happen in the latter days (1 Timothy 4 1:3, TLB). Such teaching are unhealthy for Christians. They can never build faith in the hearers. Listen to faith building messages and read faith lifting books. This is because the Christian life is one hundred percent a life of grace, lived by faith. For the Just (the believer in Christ) shall live by faith (Romans 1:17). There is no other way to live. 
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Prize Chukwuka

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