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Vision and Mandate

Christ Dynasty 

To take to the nations of the world the realities of God's divine fullness in the believer,bringing to them the revelations of the final outbreak of all our glory and riches in Christ. 

Glory has come already, and it is in us in Christ, it's time for us to bring it all out in all its fulness (dimensions), through the teaching and preaching of the New Creation truths or realities revealed in the word of God, and the demonstrations of the Holy Spirit through faith.

Towards the end of 1997, Prize Chukwuka received a vision of the Lord Jesus Christ while in prayer. In that vision, the Lord showed him the negative impact of Law based religions teachings on humanity and especially the body of Christ. The Lord therefore instructed him to go to the nations of the world and bring His people out of religion into the realities of the new and glorious life in Christ. 
Later on in December 1997, he had another profound vision in which the Lord instructed him to start a five fold church based ministry (local Church assembly).
Today Christ Dynasty Church (aka: Believers' Risingtide, Inc) operates in Surulere, a suburb of Lagos State, Nigeria. 

v To teach and preach the pure Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, bringing men and women to Christ.
v To bring Christians out of religion and it's formalities into the realities of the new and prosperous life in Christ.
v To uphold and foster the New Creation or Faith Movement
v To bring believers in Christ to the knowledge of God’s fullness in them, awakening in them the hidden forces that they possess in Christ and drawing them out, teaching them who and what they are in Christ, and to awaken them to their inheritance, rights and privileges, and how to live the faith life and manifest all that the Father has called us to be. 

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